naginterfaces.library.specfun.mathieu_ang_periodic_real(ordval, q, parity, mode, x=None)[source]

mathieu_ang_periodic_real calculates real-valued periodic angular Mathieu functions ( or ) and/or their first derivatives, where and are solutions to the Mathieu differential equation .

For full information please refer to the NAG Library document for s22ca


, the order number of the Mathieu function to be computed.


, the Mathieu function parameter.


Specifies whether to compute even or odd Mathieu function.

Compute even Mathieu function, .

Compute odd Mathieu function, .


Specifies whether the Mathieu function or its derivative is required.

Compute Mathieu function values.

Compute derivative values of Mathieu function.

Compute both Mathieu function and derivative values.

Compute neither Mathieu functions nor derivative values, returns only (the characteristic value).

xNone or float, array-like, shape , optional

Note: the required length for this argument is determined as follows: if : ; otherwise: .

The values of at which to compute Mathieu function or derivative values.

fNone or float, ndarray, shape

If or , the Mathieu function values or . If or , is not used.

f_derivNone or float, ndarray, shape

If or , the Mathieu function derivative values or . If or , is not used.


, the characteristic value for the Mathieu function.

(errno )

On entry, and .

Constraint: if , or if , .

(errno )

On entry, .

Constraint: or .

(errno )

On entry, .

Constraint: , , or .

(errno )

On entry, .

Constraint: .


mathieu_ang_periodic_real calculates an approximation to and/or , or and/or , where and are respectively the even and odd parity real-valued periodic angular Mathieu functions, for an array of values of , and for integer order value , where for even parity, and for odd parity. The function also returns values of for these periodic Mathieu functions, this is known as the characteristic value or eigenvalue.

The solutions are computed by approximating Mathieu functions as Fourier series, where expansion coefficients are obtained by solving the eigenvalue problem generated from the relevant recurrence relation, see Module 28 in NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions.


NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions