library.inteq Submodule

Module Summary

Interfaces for the NAG Mark 29.3 inteq Chapter.

inteq - Integral Equations

This module is concerned with the numerical solution of integral equations. Provision will be made for most of the standard types of equation (see Background to the Problems). The following are, however, specifically excluded:

  1. Equations arising in the solution of partial differential equations by integral equation methods. In cases where the prime purpose of an algorithm is the solution of a partial differential equation it will normally be included in submodule pde.

  2. Calculation of inverse integral transforms. This problem falls within the scope of submodule sum.

Functionality Index

Fredholm equation of second kind


nonsingular discontinuous or ‘split’ kernel: fredholm2_split()

nonsingular smooth kernel: fredholm2_smooth()

Volterra equation of first kind



convolution equation (Abel): abel1_weak()

Volterra equation of second kind



convolution equation: volterra2()


convolution equation (Abel): abel2_weak()

Weight generating functions

weights for general solution of Volterra equations: volterra_weights()

weights for general solution of Volterra equations with weakly-singular kernel: abel_weak_weights()

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