library.contab Submodule

Module Summary

Interfaces for the NAG Mark 29.3 contab Chapter.

contab - Contingency Table Analysis

The functions in this module are for the analysis of discrete multivariate data. One suite of functions computes tables while other functions are for the analysis of two-way contingency tables, conditional logistic models and one-factor analysis of binary data.

Functions in submodule correg may be used to fit generalized linear models to discrete data including binary data and contingency tables.

Functionality Index

statistics for two-way contingency table: chisq()

Conditional logistic model for stratified data: condl_logistic()

Frequency count for binary(): binary_service()

Latent variable model for dichotomous data: binary()

Multiway tables from set of classification factors

marginal table from tabulate_stat() or tabulate_percentile(): tabulate_margin()

using given percentile/quantile: tabulate_percentile()

using selected statistic: tabulate_stat()

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