library.zeros Submodule

Module Summary

Interfaces for the NAG Mark 29.3 zeros Chapter.

zeros - Zeros of Polynomials

This module is concerned with computing the zeros of a polynomial with real or complex coefficients.

See Also

naginterfaces.library.examples.zeros :

This subpackage contains examples for the zeros module. See also the Examples subsection.

Functionality Index

All zeros of cubic

complex coefficients: cubic_complex()

real coefficients: cubic_real()

All zeros of polynomial

complex coefficients

fast modified Laguerre’s method: poly_complex_fpml()

modified Laguerre’s method: poly_complex()

real coefficients

fast modified Laguerre’s method: poly_real_fpml()

modified Laguerre’s method: poly_real()

All zeros of quadratic

complex coefficients: quadratic_complex()

real coefficients: quadratic_real()

All zeros of quartic

complex coefficients: quartic_complex()

real coefficients: quartic_real()

For full information please refer to the NAG Library document



Example for naginterfaces.library.zeros.poly_complex_fpml().

Find all the roots of a complex polynomial equation.

>>> main()
naginterfaces.library.zeros.poly_complex_fpml Python Example Results.
Roots of a complex polynomial equation.
Computed roots:
  0.007 +   0.007j
 -0.007 +  -0.007j
-24.328 +  -4.855j
 14.653 + -16.569j
  5.249 +  22.736j