base Subpackage

Package Summary

Base utilities and interfaces for accessing the NAG Library Engine from Python.

Submodule Summary

The utils submodule provides:

  • a hierarchy of exceptions (including NagException and NagWarning) used throughout the naginterfaces package;

  • a Handle data type used by some interfaces;

  • a class called FileObjManager (plus a module-level instance thereof) that is used to translate I/O between the NAG Engine and Python in certain cases;

  • classes EngineIntNumPyType and EngineIntCType that can be used as integer types for compatibility with the NAG Engine integer on this platform;

  • named constants that can be used with some functions, such as with blast.dgb_norm.

Python interfaces are available for most algorithmic Chapters in the NAG Library. However, we do not intend for these lower-level base interfaces to be called directly from user code: please refer to the naginterfaces.library subpackage instead.

Advanced Usage Notes

For reference an extended description of the algorithmic interfaces in this subpackage can be found in its accompanying README.rst file in the naginterfaces source distribution.