feast_free part of the NAG FEAST suite. It is used to deallocate the memory used within the problem handle and to destroy the handle itself.

For full information please refer to the NAG Library document for f12jz

handleHandle, modified in place

On entry: the handle to the problem. It needs to be initialized (e.g., by feast_init()) and to hold a problem formulation compatible with feast_free. It must not be changed between calls to the NAG FEAST suite.

On exit: the handle is destroyed and set to a null Handle.

(errno )

The supplied was not initialized or has become corrupted.


Each initialized problem handle (e.g., by feast_init()) should be deallocated to avoid memory leaks. Therefore, feast_free should be called on all the handles which are no longer needed, typically after obtaining results from the solver. Please note that passing a handle which has not been properly initialized might cause unpredictable behaviour, including a crash of your program. See the F12 Introduction for more details about the NAG FEAST suite.


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