naginterfaces.library.opt.qpconvex2_sparse_option_integer_set(string, ivalue, comm, io_manager=None)[source]

qpconvex2_sparse_option_integer_set may be used to supply individual int options to qpconvex2_sparse_solve(). The initialization function qpconvex2_sparse_init() must have been called before calling qpconvex2_sparse_option_integer_set.

For full information please refer to the NAG Library document for e04nt


A single valid keyword of an int option (as described in Other Parameters for qpconvex2_sparse_solve).


An int value associated with the keyword in .

commdict, communication object, modified in place

Communication structure.

This argument must have been initialized by a prior call to qpconvex2_sparse_init().

io_managerFileObjManager, optional

Manager for I/O in this routine.

(errno )

The initialization function qpconvex2_sparse_init() has not been called.

(errno )

The supplied option is invalid. Check that the keywords are neither ambiguous nor misspelt. The option string is and .


qpconvex2_sparse_option_integer_set may be used to supply values for int options to qpconvex2_sparse_solve(). It is only necessary to call qpconvex2_sparse_option_integer_set for those arguments whose values are to be different from their default values. One call to qpconvex2_sparse_option_integer_set sets one argument value.

Each int option is defined by a single character string in and the corresponding value in .

Option settings are preserved following a call to qpconvex2_sparse_solve() and so the keyword ‘Defaults’ is provided to allow you to reset all the options to their default values before a subsequent call to qpconvex2_sparse_solve().

A complete list of options, their abbreviations, synonyms and default values is given in Other Parameters for qpconvex2_sparse_solve.