real_tri_matrix_sqrt computes the principal matrix square root, , of a real upper quasi-triangular matrix .

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afloat, array-like, shape

The upper quasi-triangular matrix .

afloat, ndarray, shape

The principal matrix square root .

(errno )

On entry, .

Constraint: .

(errno )

has negative or vanishing eigenvalues. The principal square root is not defined in this case. real_gen_matrix_sqrt() or complex_gen_matrix_sqrt() may be able to provide further information.

(errno )

An internal error occurred. It is likely that the function was called incorrectly.


A square root of a matrix is a solution to the equation . A nonsingular matrix has multiple square roots. For a matrix with no eigenvalues on the closed negative real line, the principal square root, denoted by , is the unique square root whose eigenvalues lie in the open right half-plane.

real_tri_matrix_sqrt computes , where is an upper quasi-triangular matrix, with and blocks on the diagonal. Such matrices arise from the Schur factorization of a real general matrix, as computed by lapackeig.dhseqr, for example. real_tri_matrix_sqrt does not require to be in the canonical Schur form described in lapackeig.dhseqr, it merely requires to be upper quasi-triangular. then has the same block triangular structure as .

The algorithm used by real_tri_matrix_sqrt is described in Higham (1987). In addition a blocking scheme described in Deadman et al. (2013) is used.


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