​spline_​eval, c, x)[source]

dim1_spline_eval evaluates a cubic spline from its B-spline representation.

For full information please refer to the NAG Library document for e02bb

lamdafloat, array-like, shape

must be set to the value of the th member of the complete set of knots, , for .

cfloat, array-like, shape

The coefficient of the B-spline , for . The remaining elements of the array are not referenced.


The argument at which the cubic spline is to be evaluated.


The value of the spline, .

(errno )

On entry, , and .

Constraint: .

(errno )

On entry, and .

Constraint: .

(errno )

On entry, .

Constraint: .


In the NAG Library the traditional C interface for this routine uses a different algorithmic base. Please contact NAG if you have any questions about compatibility.

dim1_spline_eval evaluates the cubic spline at a prescribed argument from its augmented knot set , for , (see dim1_spline_knots()) and from the coefficients , for in its B-spline representation

Here , where is the number of intervals of the spline, and denotes the normalized B-spline of degree defined upon the knots . The prescribed argument must satisfy .

It is assumed that , for , and .

If is a point at which knots coincide, is discontinuous at ; in this case, contains the value defined as is approached from the right.

The method employed is that of evaluation by taking convex combinations due to de Boor (1972). For further details of the algorithm and its use see Cox (1972) and Cox and Hayes (1973).

It is expected that a common use of dim1_spline_eval will be the evaluation of the cubic spline approximations produced by dim1_spline_knots(). A generalization of dim1_spline_eval which also forms the derivative of is dim1_spline_deriv(). dim1_spline_deriv() takes about longer than dim1_spline_eval.


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