NAG FL Interface
A00 (Info)
Library Identification

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1 Scope of the Chapter

The routines in this chapter provide information about the NAG Library.
Information about the precise implementation of the NAG Library in use will be needed when communicating with the NAG Technical Support Service (see NAG Technical Support Service).

2 Background to the Problems


3 Recommendations on Choice and Use of Available Routines

a00aaf enables you to determine the precise Mark and maintenance level of the NAG Library which is being used, and also details of the implementation.
a00acf enables you to check if a valid key is available for the Library licence management system.
a00adf is similar to a00aaf but returns different aspects of an implementation, such as the product code and Mark in separate strings and integers.

4 Functionality Index

Check availability of a valid licence key   a00acf
Library identification,  
print details of implementation and mark   a00aaf
separated details of implementation, and major and minor mark   a00adf

5 Auxiliary Routines Associated with Library Routine Arguments


6 Withdrawn or Deprecated Routines