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a00aaf (impl_​details)

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1 Purpose

a00aaf prints information about the version of the NAG Library in use.

2 Specification

Fortran Interface
Subroutine a00aaf ( )
C Header Interface
#include <nag.h>
void  a00aaf_ ()
The routine may be called by the names a00aaf or nagf_info_impl_details.

3 Description

The NAG Library is available for use on a number of different computer systems. For each distinct system an implementation of the Library is prepared. This includes tested compiled libraries and any necessary system-specific support material. a00aaf may be called to print the implementation details and Mark (i.e., maintenance level) of the NAG Library implementation that is being used.

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7 Accuracy

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8 Parallelism and Performance

Background information to multithreading can be found in the Multithreading documentation.
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10 Example

This example makes a call of a00aaf sending output to the current advisory message unit.

10.1 Program Text

Program Text (a00aafe.f90)

10.2 Program Data


10.3 Program Results

Program Results (a00aafe.r)