Downloads - NAG Fortran Compiler Versions
  • Windows

  • Linux

  • macOS

Windows 32- or 64-bit

Includes Fortran Builder - an IDE and GUI debugger
The NAG Fortran Library (needs to be installed separately, see below) can be accessed easily with the “NAG Library wizard”. Hundreds of sample programs are provided to illustrate the use of the Library.
Release 7.1 (Build 7125)
File type: executable (exe)
File size: 344 MB ; 361,566,440 bytes ; MD5 Sum b030c0b1effb6601052e1f7f6e7c4a11

Fortran Library compatible with Windows Fortran Builder

For 64-bit Applications
This build is the natural companion for Fortran Builder using the NAG Library wizard however, it is also possible to use a later version.

Linux 64-bit

Release 7.1 (Build 7125)
AMD64 and Intel Xeon EM64T
File type: gzip-ed tar archive (tgz)
File size: 36.7 MB ; 38,573,474 bytes ; MD5 Sum 74c97620946c4767bded38fc4b12e1a7

Linux 64-bit

Release 7.1 (Build 7125)
File type: gzip-ed tar archive (tgz)
File size: 20.6 MB ; 21,628,304 bytes ; MD5 Sum f2d7124fae6f86444140e5d3f101b51e

macOS 64-bit

Apple Intel Mac
macOS version 10.7 - 12.1 or compatible
Release 7.1 (Build 7125)
File size: 21.2 MB ; 22,333,821 bytes ; MD5 Sum 7acc63e870a9d03263149edd1b5313fd

macOS 64-bit

Apple Arm Mac
macOS version 11.0 or compatible
Release 7.1 (Build 7125)
File size: 16.0 MB ; 16,798,608 bytes ; MD5 Sum edacc30d195acf1f8986745e8a8856bd

Licence Management

You do not need to install a licence manager in order to use the NAG Fortran Compiler with a trial or node-locked licence, see Node-locked and trial licence installation information. If you have obtained a site or floating licence from NAG, you will need to install the Kusari licensing software. Download the appropriate Kusari implementation for your licence server platform

Information for Licensed Customers

Customers who have a valid licence may download these implementations in order to update their installations. The version and edit level is listed for each implementation in the list above. The current installed version and edit level can be displayed by invoking the compiler and passing it the -V switch