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X02 (Machine)
Machine Constants

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X02 (Machine) Chapter Introduction – A description of the Chapter and an overview of the algorithms available.

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x02ahf 9 nagf_machine_sinarg_max
The largest permissible argument for sin and cos
x02ajf 12 nagf_machine_precision
The machine precision
x02akf 12 nagf_machine_real_smallest
The smallest positive model number
x02alf 12 nagf_machine_real_largest
The largest positive model number
x02amf 12 nagf_machine_real_safe
The safe range parameter
x02anf 15 nagf_machine_complex_safe
The safe range parameter for complex floating-point arithmetic
x02bbf 5 nagf_machine_integer_max
The largest representable integer
x02bef 5 nagf_machine_decimal_digits
The maximum number of decimal digits that can be represented
x02bhf 12 nagf_machine_model_base
The floating-point model parameter, b
x02bjf 12 nagf_machine_model_digits
The floating-point model parameter, p
x02bkf 12 nagf_machine_model_minexp
The floating-point model parameter emin
x02blf 12 nagf_machine_model_maxexp
The floating-point model parameter emax