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G22 (Blgm)
Linear Model Specification

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G22 (Blgm) Chapter Introduction – A description of the Chapter and an overview of the algorithms available.

Mark of

g22yaf 26.1 (Experimental) nagf_blgm_lm_formula
Specify a linear model via a formula string
g22ybf 26.1 (Experimental) nagf_blgm_lm_describe_data
Describe a dataset
g22ycf 26.1 (Experimental) nagf_blgm_lm_design_matrix
Construct a design matrix from a linear model specified using g22yaf
g22ydf 26.1 (Experimental) nagf_blgm_lm_submodel
Construct a vector indicating which columns of a design matrix to include in a submodel specified using g22yaf
g22zaf 26.1 (Experimental) nagf_blgm_handle_free
Destroy a G22 handle and deallocate all the memory used
g22zmf 26.1 (Experimental) nagf_blgm_optset
Option setting routine for Chapter G22
g22znf 26.1 (Experimental) nagf_blgm_optget
Option getting routine for Chapter G22