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G04 (Anova)
Analysis of Variance

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G04 (Anova) Chapter Introduction – A description of the Chapter and an overview of the algorithms available.

Mark of

g04agf 8 nagf_anova_hier2
Two-way analysis of variance, hierarchical classification, subgroups of unequal size
g04bbf 16 nagf_anova_random
Analysis of variance, randomized block or completely randomized design, treatment means and standard errors
g04bcf 17 nagf_anova_rowcol
Analysis of variance, general row and column design, treatment means and standard errors
g04caf 16 nagf_anova_factorial
Analysis of variance, complete factorial design, treatment means and standard errors
g04daf 17 nagf_anova_contrasts
Computes sum of squares for contrast between means
g04dbf 17 nagf_anova_confidence
Computes confidence intervals for differences between means computed by g04bbf or g04bcf
g04eaf 17 nagf_anova_dummyvars
Computes orthogonal polynomials or dummy variables for factor/classification variable
g04gaf 26.1 nagf_anova_icc
Intraclass correlation (ICC) for assessing rater reliability