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D06 (Mesh)
Mesh Generation

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D06 (Mesh) Chapter Introduction – A description of the Chapter and an overview of the algorithms available.

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d06aaf 20 nagf_mesh_dim2_gen_inc
Generates a two-dimensional mesh using a simple incremental method
d06abf 20 nagf_mesh_dim2_gen_delaunay
Generates a two-dimensional mesh using a Delaunay–Voronoi process
d06acf 20 nagf_mesh_dim2_gen_front
Generates a two-dimensional mesh using an Advancing-front method
d06baf 20 nagf_mesh_dim2_gen_boundary
Generates a boundary mesh
d06caf 20 nagf_mesh_dim2_smooth_bary
Uses a barycentering technique to smooth a given mesh
d06cbf 20 nagf_mesh_dim2_sparsity
Generates a sparsity pattern of a Finite Element matrix associated with a given mesh
d06ccf 20 nagf_mesh_dim2_renumber
Renumbers a given mesh using Gibbs method
d06daf 20 nagf_mesh_dim2_transform_affine
Generates a mesh resulting from an affine transformation of a given mesh
d06dbf 20 nagf_mesh_dim2_join
Joins together two given adjacent (possibly overlapping) meshes