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A02 (Complex)
Complex Arithmetic

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A02 (Complex) Chapter Introduction – A description of the Chapter and an overview of the algorithms available.

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a02bac 2 nag_complex_create
Complex number from real and imaginary parts
a02bbc 2 nag_complex_real
Real part of a complex number
a02bcc 2 nag_complex_imag
Imaginary part of a complex number
a02cac 2 nag_complex_add
Addition of two complex numbers
a02cbc 2 nag_complex_subtract
Subtraction of two complex numbers
a02ccc 2 nag_complex_multiply
Multiplication of two complex numbers
a02cdc 2 nag_complex_divide
Quotient of two complex numbers
a02cec 2 nag_complex_negate
Negation of a complex number
a02cfc 2 nag_complex_conjg
Conjugate of a complex number
a02cgc 2 nag_complex_equal
Equality of two complex numbers
a02chc 2 nag_complex_not_equal
Inequality of two complex numbers
a02dac 2 nag_complex_arg
Argument of a complex number
a02dbc 2 nag_complex_abs
Modulus of a complex number
a02dcc 2 nag_complex_sqrt
Square root of a complex number
a02ddc 2 nag_complex_i_power
Complex number raised to integer power
a02dec 2 nag_complex_r_power
Complex number raised to real power
a02dfc 2 nag_complex_c_power
Complex number raised to complex power
a02dgc 2 nag_complex_log
Complex logarithm
a02dhc 2 nag_complex_exp
Complex exponential
a02djc 2 nag_complex_sin
Complex sine
a02dkc 2 nag_complex_cos
Complex cosine
a02dlc 2 nag_complex_tan
Complex tangent