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G01 (Stat)
Simple Calculations on Statistical Data

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G01 (Stat) Chapter Introduction (FL Interface) – A description of the Chapter and an overview of the algorithms available.

Mark of

g01ea 27 nagad_stat_prob_normal
Computes probabilities for the standard Normal distribution
g01ec 27.1 nagad_stat_prob_chisq
Computes probabilities for χ2 distribution
g01fb 27.1 nagad_stat_inv_cdf_students_t
Computes deviates for Student's t-distribution
g01fc 27.1 nagad_stat_inv_cdf_chisq
Computes deviates for the χ2 distribution
g01fe 27.1 nagad_stat_inv_cdf_beta
Computes deviates for the beta distribution
g01gc 27 nagad_stat_prob_chisq_noncentral
Computes probabilities for the non-central χ2 distribution
g01ha 27.1 nagad_stat_prob_bivariate_normal
Computes probability for the bivariate Normal distribution