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X06 (Omp)
OpenMP Utilities

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X06 (Omp) Chapter Introduction – A description of the Chapter and an overview of the algorithms available.

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x06aaf 25 nagf_omp_set_num_threads
Sets the number of threads for OpenMP parallel regions
x06abf 25 nagf_omp_get_num_threads
The number of OpenMP threads in the current team
x06acf 25 nagf_omp_get_max_threads
An upper bound on the number of threads in the next parallel region
x06adf 25 nagf_omp_get_thread_num
The OpenMP thread number of the calling thread
x06aff 25 nagf_omp_in_parallel
Tests for an active OpenMP parallel region
x06ajf 27.1 nagf_omp_set_max_active_levels
Limit the number of active nested parallel regions
x06akf 27.1 nagf_omp_get_max_active_levels
Returns the maximum number of active nested parallel regions allowed
x06xaf 26 nagf_omp_using_threaded_impl
Tests whether a threaded NAG Library is being used
x06agf 25
Enables or disables nested OpenMP parallelism
x06ahf 25
Tests the status of nested OpenMP parallelism