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C02 (Zeros)
Zeros of Polynomials

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C02 (Zeros) Chapter Introduction – A description of the Chapter and an overview of the algorithms available.

Mark of

c02aaf 27.1 nagf_zeros_poly_complex_fpml
Finds all the zeros of complex polynomial, fast modified Laguerre's method
c02abf 27.1 nagf_zeros_poly_real_fpml
Finds all the zeros of real polynomial, fast modified Laguerre's method
c02ahf 14 nagf_zeros_quadratic_complex
All zeros of complex quadratic equation
c02ajf 14 nagf_zeros_quadratic_real
All zeros of real quadratic equation
c02akf 20 nagf_zeros_cubic_real
All zeros of real cubic equation
c02alf 20 nagf_zeros_quartic_real
All zeros of real quartic equation
c02amf 20 nagf_zeros_cubic_complex
All zeros of complex cubic equation
c02anf 20 nagf_zeros_quartic_complex
All zeros of complex quartic equation
c02aff 14
All zeros of complex polynomial, modified Laguerre's method
c02agf 13
All zeros of real polynomial, modified Laguerre's method