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H (Mip) Chapter Introduction – A description of the Chapter and an overview of the algorithms available.

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h02bkc 29.3 (Experimental) nag_mip_handle_solve_milp
Mixed integer linear programming (MILP), large-scale, branch and bound method
h02buc 5 nag_mip_ilp_mpsx_convert
Read MPSX data for IP, LP or QP problem from a file
h02bvc 5 nag_mip_ilp_print
Free memory allocated by h02buc
h02dac 25 nag_mip_sqp
Mixed integer nonlinear programming
h02xxc 5 nag_ip_init
Initialize option structure to null values
h02xyc 5 nag_ip_read
Read optional parameter values from a file
h02xzc 5 nag_ip_free
Free NAG allocated memory from option structures
h02zkc 25 nag_mip_optset
Option setting routine for h02dac
h02zlc 25 nag_mip_optget
Option getting routine for h02dac
h03abc 3 nag_mip_transportation
Classical transportation algorithm
h03bbc 25 nag_mip_tsp_simann
Travelling Salesman Problem, simulated annealing
h05aac 24 nag_mip_best_subset_given_size_revcomm
Best n subsets of size p (reverse communication)
h05abc 24 nag_mip_best_subset_given_size
Best n subsets of size p (direct communication)
h02bbc 5
Solves integer programming problems using a branch and bound method