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X07 (Ieee)
IEEE Arithmetic

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1 Scope of the Chapter

This chapter provides functions to handle various aspects of IEEE floating-point arithmetic behaviour.

2 Background to the Problems

Modern systems allow you to control what happens to your program when an exceptional event such as overflow or division by zero occurs. Often, the default behaviour is for program execution to continue, while setting an appropriate flag. Sometimes the default behaviour is to halt execution and print a warning or error message.
The functions in Chapter X07 allow creation and detection of NaNs (Not a Number) and infinities, as well as alteration of the behaviour of a program when an exception occurs.

3 Functionality Index

Create a floating-point infinity   x07bac
Create a floating-point NaN (Not a Number)   x07bbc
Determine whether a floating-point number is finite   x07aac
Determine whether a floating-point number is NaN (Not a Number)   x07abc
Get current behaviour of floating-point exceptions   x07cac
Set behaviour of floating-point exceptions   x07cbc

4 Auxiliary Functions Associated with Library Function Arguments


5 Withdrawn or Deprecated Functions