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x06xac (using_​threaded_​impl)

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1 Purpose

x06xac returns 1 when using a multithreaded implementation of the NAG Library and 0 otherwise.

2 Specification

#include <nag.h>
Integer  x06xac ()
The function may be called by the names: x06xac, nag_omp_using_threaded_impl or nag_using_threaded_impl.

3 Description

x06xac can be used to determine whether you are using a serial or multithreaded implementation of the NAG Library. In particular, with this information the behaviour of the other routines in this chapter can be predicted, as described in the X06 Chapter Introduction.
The function returns 1 when a multithreaded implementation of the Library is being used and 0 if a serial implementation is being used.

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5 Arguments


6 Error Indicators and Warnings


7 Accuracy

Not applicable.

8 Parallelism and Performance

Background information to multithreading can be found in the Multithreading documentation.
x06xac is not threaded in any implementation.

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