NAG FL Interface
X05 (Time)
Date and Time Utilities

1 Scope of the Chapter

This chapter provides routines to obtain the current real time, and the amount of processor time used.

2 Background to the Problems

2.1 Real Time

Routines are provided to obtain the current time in two different formats, and to compare two such times.

2.2 Processor Time

A routine is provided to return the current amount of processor time used. This allows the timing of a particular routine or section of code.

3 Recommendations on Choice and Use of Available Routines

x05aaf returns the current date/time in integer format.
x05abf converts from integer to character string date/time.
x05acf compares two date/time character strings.
x05baf returns the amount of processor time used.

4 Withdrawn or Deprecated Routines