NAG CL Interface
X04 (File)
Input/Output Utilities

X04 (File) Chapter Introduction – A description of the Chapter and an overview of the algorithms available.

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Example Text
8 nag_file_open
Open unit number for reading, writing or appending, and associate unit with named file
x04adc 8 nag_file_close
Close file associated with given unit number
x04bac 8 nag_file_line_write
Write formatted record to external file
x04bbc 8 nag_file_line_read
Read formatted record from external file
x04cac 7 nag_file_print_matrix_real_gen
Print real general matrix (easy-to-use)
x04cbc 7 nag_file_print_matrix_real_gen_comp
Print real general matrix (comprehensive)
x04ccc 7 nag_file_print_matrix_real_packed
Print real packed triangular matrix (easy-to-use)
x04cdc 7 nag_file_print_matrix_real_packed_comp
Print real packed triangular matrix (comprehensive)
x04cec 7 nag_file_print_matrix_real_band
Print real packed banded matrix (easy-to-use)
x04cfc 7 nag_file_print_matrix_real_band_comp
Print real packed banded matrix (comprehensive)
Example Text
7 nag_file_print_matrix_complex_gen
Print complex general matrix (easy-to-use)
x04dbc 7 nag_file_print_matrix_complex_gen_comp
Print complex general matrix (comprehensive)
x04dcc 7 nag_file_print_matrix_complex_packed
Print complex packed triangular matrix (easy-to-use)
x04ddc 7 nag_file_print_matrix_complex_packed_comp
Print complex packed triangular matrix (comprehensive)
x04dec 7 nag_file_print_matrix_complex_band
Print complex packed banded matrix (easy-to-use)
x04dfc 7 nag_file_print_matrix_complex_band_comp
Print complex packed banded matrix (comprehensive)
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Example Data
8 nag_enum_name_to_value
Converts NAG enum member name to a value
Example Text
8 nag_enum_value_to_name
Converts NAG enum member value to its name
Example Text
8 nag_error_name_to_code
Converts NAG error name to its code value
Example Text
9 nag_code_to_error_name
Returns the string error name corresponding to a C Libary exit error code