NAG AD Library
C05 (Roots)
Roots of One or More Transcendental Equations

C05 (Roots) Chapter Introduction (FL Interface) – A description of the Chapter and an overview of the algorithms available.

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c05au_a1w_f 27 nagf_roots_contfn_brent_interval_a1w
Zero of continuous function, Brent algorithm, from a given starting value, binary search for interval
c05ay_a1w_f 26.2 nagf_roots_contfn_brent_a1w (symbolic adjoint mode)
Zero of continuous function in a given interval, Brent algorithm
c05rb_a1w_f 27 nagf_roots_sys_deriv_easy_a1w
Solution of a system of nonlinear equations using first derivatives (easy-to-use)