NAG Library Code Contributors

Below we list the names of those people who have made a substantial contribution to the design, development and validation of software of the Library (in the designated chapters).
The list includes the names of those who have collaborated with NAG specifically to develop software for the Library; and also the names of the authors of public-domain software that has been adapted for inclusion in the Library. It gives the institutions at which the individuals were working at the time they made their contributions, not necessarily their present addresses. It does not include the names of those – too numerous to mention individually – who have contributed ideas, criticisms, reports of errors, or suggestions for improvements to the software; nor does it cover work done by NAG full-time staff or those who are responsible for implementing the Library on different machines.
The routines in Chapter D06 (Mesh Generation) have been derived from material in the MODULEF package from INRIA (Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique). NAG is grateful to INRIA for their agreement to develop this material.
The LAPACK project is the source of all routines in Chapters F07 and F08; we acknowledge by name the original contributors to the project but also recognize that many other people have been involved in updating and adding to the LAPACK project. We would therefore like to acknowledge the efforts of the wider LAPACK community for their contributions to Chapters F07 and F08.
Some routines in Chapters E04 and F02 use an implementation of HSL_MA97 from HSL, a collection of Fortran codes for large-scale scientific computation (see
We acknowledge with gratitude the contributions of all these people to the development of the Library.
J P Abbott, University of Nottingham (Chapters F03 and F04)
D Amos, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque (Chapter S)
E Anderson, University of Tennessee and Cray Research (Chapters F07 and F08)
G T Anthony, National Physical Laboratory (Chapters E01 and E02)
Z Bai, New York University, University of Tennessee and University of Kentucky (Chapters F07 and F08)
A Bain, BNP Paribas (Chapter S)
H M Barber, National Physical Laboratory (Chapter E04)
I Barrodale, University of Victoria (Chapter E02)
D A Barry, University of Western Australia (Chapter C05)
S J Barry, Griffith University (Chapter C05)
R H Bartels, Johns Hopkins University (Chapter E02)
W Barth, Technische Hochschule Darmstadt (Chapter F02)
M Berzins, University of Leeds (Chapters D02 and D03)
G P Bhattacharjee, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (Chapter G01)
C Bischof, Argonne National Laboratory (Chapters F07 and F08)
R Borsdorf, University of Manchester (Chapter G02)
J M Boyle, Argonne National Laboratory (Chapter F02)
R W Brankin, University of Manchester (Chapter D02)
R Bulirsch, Technische Hochschule, München (Chapter S)
J C P Bus, CWI, Amsterdam (Chapter C05)
P A Businger, Bell Telephone Laboratories (Chapters F01 and F04)
F Cannizzo, author of Fast and Vectorizable Alternative to Binary Search in O1 Applicable to a Wide Domain of Sorted Arrays of Floating Point Numbers (Chapter M01)
B C Carlson, Iowa State University (Chapter S)
R E Carlson, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Chapter E01)
A R Conn, University of Waterloo (Chapter E02)
A Cook, Middlesex University (Chapter G03)
M G Cox, National Physical Laboratory (Chapters E01, E02, F01 and F04)
P J Culligan–Hensley, University of Western Australia (Chapter C05)
B Curtis, National Physical Laboratory (Chapter E02)
P Curtis, National Physical Laboratory (Chapters E01 and E02)
C Daly, Lancaster University (Chapter G13)
T J Dekker, University of Amsterdam (Chapter C05)
L M Delves, University of Liverpool (Chapter D01)
J W Demmel, New York University and University of California, Berkeley (Chapters F07 and F08)
P M Dew, University of Leeds (Chapter D03)
R Dias Da Cunha, University of Rio Grande do Sul (Chapter F11)
P Dierckx, University of Leuven (Chapter E02)
D R Divgi, Syracuse University (Chapter G01)
D S Dodson, Convex Computer Corporation (Chapter F06)
E de Doncker–Kapenga, University of Leuven and Western Michigan University (Chapter D01)
J J Dongarra, Argonne National Laboratory, University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Chapters F02, F06, F07 and F08)
J R Dormand, Teeside Polytechnic (Chapter D02)
M Drew, University of Birmingham (Chapter H)
I S Duff, AERE Harwell (Chapters F01, F04 and F06)
B Ford, University of Nottingham (Chapters E01, F01 and F02)
R Franke, Naval Postgraduate School (Chapter E01)
F N Fritsch, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Chapter E01)
D Fritzshe, Bergische University of Wuppertal (Chapter F11)
R M Furzeland, Shell Research Ltd (Chapter D02)
B S Garbow, Argonne National Laboratory (Chapters C05, C06 and F02)
W Gautschi, Purdue University (Chapter S)
A C Genz, University of Kent and Washington State University (Chapter D01)
M Giles, University of Oxford (Chapter G01)
P E Gill, National Physical Laboratory, Stanford University and University of California at San Diego (Chapter E04)
G Giunta, Argonne National Laboratory (Chapter C06)
I Gladwell, University of Manchester and Southern Methodist University (Chapters C05, D02, E01, E02, F01 and F04)
G H Golub, Stanford University (Chapters F01 and F04)
P Gonnet, ETH Zürich and University of Oxford (Chapter D01)
N I M Gould, National Physical Laboratory (Chapter E04)
S R Graham, National Physical Laboratory (Chapter E04)
P R Graves–Morris, University of Kent (Chapters E01 and E02)
A Greenbaum, New York University (Chapters F07 and F08)
P Griffiths, University of Oxford (Chapter G02)
R G Grimes, Boeing Computer Services (Chapter F06)
K Halstead, University of Warwick (Chapter G01)
S J Hammarling, Middlesex Polytechnic and National Physical Laboratory (Chapters E04, F01, F02 and F04)
D C Handscomb, University of Oxford (Chapter G05)
R J Hanson, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque (Chapter F06)
J A Hartigan, Yale University (Chapter G03)
R W Hatfield, University of Nottingham (Chapter E01)
R I Hay, University of Manchester (Chapters F01 and F04)
J G Hayes, National Physical Laboratory (Chapters E01 and E02)
L Hayes, University of Oxford (Chapters F01, F02, F03, F04 and F05)
F Hickernell, Illinois Institute of Technology (Chapter G05)
N J Higham, University of Manchester (Chapters F04, F07 and G02)
I D Hill, Medical Research Council (Chapter G01)
K E Hillstrom, Argonne National Laboratory (Chapter C05)
B T Hinde, National Physical Laboratory (Chapter E04)
A C Hindmarsh, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Chapter D02)
D C Hoaglin, Harvard University (Chapters G01 and G10)
S M Hodson, National Physical Laboratory (Chapters D02 and E04)
H S Hong, Hong Kong Baptist University (Chapter G05)
T R Hopkins, University of Kent (Chapters E01 and F11)
M Hurley, Lancaster University (Chapter G13)
M F Hutchinson, CSIRO, Canberra (Chapter G10)
W Huyer, University of Vienna (Chapter E05)
A N Jack, University of Nottingham (Chapter E02)
D A H Jacobs, Central Electricity Research Laboratory (Chapter D03)
S Joe, University of Waikato (Chapter G05)
D K Kahaner, National Bureau of Standards (Chapter D01)
M S Keech, University of Birmingham (Chapter S)
M Kennedy, Queen's University, Belfast and Open University (Chapter D01)
P D Kenward, National Physical Laboratory (Chapters F01 and F02)
R Killick, Lancaster University (Chapter G13)
D R Kincaid, University of Texas, Austin (Chapter F06)
L Knüsel, University of Munich (Chapter G01)
M Kočvara, University of Birmingham (Chapter E04)
F T Krogh, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Chapter F06)
F Kuo, University of New South Wales (Chapter G05)
C Laird, Purdue University (Chapter E04)
C L Lawson, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Chapter F06)
M Lentini, California Institute of Technology (Chapter D02)
S A Lill, University of Liverpool (Chapter E04)
G R Lindfield, Massey University (Chapter C05)
J Lloyd–Jones, University of Manchester (Chapter G08)
E M R Long, National Physical Laboratory (Chapter E04)
J N Lyness, Argonne National Laboratory (Chapters C06, D01 and D04)
N M Maclaren, University of Cambridge (Chapters G01, G05 and M01)
J R Magnus, London School of Economics and Center for Economic Research, Tilburg (Chapter G01)
K L Majumder, Space Applications Centre, Ahmedabad (Chapter G01)
A Marazzi, University of Lausanne (Chapters G02 and G07)
R S Martin, National Physical Laboratory (Chapters F01, F02, F03 and F04)
A McKenney, New York University (Chapters F07 and F08)
G F Miller, National Physical Laboratory (Chapters D01 and D05)
C B Moler, University of New Mexico (Chapter F02)
J J Moré, Argonne National Laboratory (Chapter C05)
C Mower, University of Manchester (Chapter G02)
B Muite, University of Michigan (Chapter D02)
N Munksgaard, AERE Harwell (Chapters F01 and F04)
A Murli, University of Naples (Chapter C06)
W Murray, National Physical Laboratory and Stanford University (Chapter E04)
A Neumaier, University of Vienna (Chapter E05)
N Neumann, University of Göttingen (Chapter G08)
P Nicholson, University of Leeds (Chapter G08)
P J Nikolai, US Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory (Chapter F02)
E M Notis, Iowa State University (Chapter S)
M R O'Donohoe, University of Cambridge (Chapters C06 and D01)
S Ostrouchov, University of Tennessee (Chapters F07 and F08)
C C Paige, McGill University (Chapter F04)
J M Parkinson, University of Leeds (Chapter E04)
B N Parlett, University of California, Berkeley (Chapter F01)
T N L Patterson, Queen's University of Belfast (Chapter D01)
A Paver, Middlesex University (Chapter G01)
J Pearson, University of Oxford (Chapter S)
S V Pennington, University of Leeds (Chapter D03)
V Pereyra, University of Caracas (Chapter D02)
B Pesaran, Bank of England (Chapter G01)
G Peters, National Physical Laboratory (Chapters F01, F02, F03 and F04)
A N Pettit, Loughborough University (Chapters G01 and G08)
L Petzold, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Chapter D02)
C Phillips, University of Liverpool (Chapter E02)
W Phillips, University of Oxford (Chapters F01, F02, F03, F04 and F05)
R Piessens, University of Leuven (Chapter D01)
R A Pitfield, National Physical Laboratory (Chapter D03)
M J D Powell, University of Cambridge (Chapter E04)
P J Prince, Teeside Polytechnic (Chapter D02)
J D Pryce, University of Bristol (Chapter D02)
G Radicati, IBM ECSEC, Rome (Chapter F07)
M Razzaz, University of Birmingham (Chapter S)
J K Reid, AERE Harwell (Chapters D03, F01 and F04)
C Reinsch, Technische Hochschule, München (Chapters F01 and F02)
R J Renka, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Chapter E01)
D G Rhead, University of Nottingham (Chapter E04)
A Riley, University of Nottingham (Chapter G04)
F D K Roberts, University of Victoria (Chapter E02)
L Roberts, University of Oxford (Chapter E04)
K Robinson, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (Chapter C06)
D Roose, University of Leuven (Chapter D01)
J P Royston, Medical Research Council (Chapter G01)
G Sande, University of Chicago (Chapter C06)
M A Saunders, Stanford University (Chapters E04 and F04)
B Scheichl, Technical University of Vienna (Chapter C05)
K Schittkowski, University of Bayreuth (Chapter H)
J L Schonfelder, University of Birmingham and University of Liverpool (Chapter S)
W L Seward, University of Oxford and University of Waterloo (Chapter D02)
L F Shampine, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque and Southern Methodist University (Chapter D02)
B L Shea, Aberystwyth University, London School of Economics and Manchester Metropolitan University (Chapters G05, G11 and G13)
B W Silverman, University of Bath (Chapter G10)
J W Sinclair, University of Dundee (Chapter E02)
M A Singer, National Physical Laboratory (Chapter E01)
A J Skellern, Loughborough University (Chapters G01 and G08)
B T Smith, Argonne National Laboratory (Chapter C02)
D C Sorensen, Argonne National Laboratory and Rice University (Chapters F07 and F08)
M Stingl, University of Erlangen–Nuremberg (Chapter E04)
N Strabić, University of Manchester (Chapter G02)
P N Swarztrauber, National Centre for Atmospheric Research (Chapter D03)
R A Sweet, University of Colorado at Denver (Chapter D03)
A Swift, Massey University (Chapter C05)
G T Symm, National Physical Laboratory (Chapters D03, D05 and F01)
H J Symm, National Physical Laboratory (Chapters F01 and F02)
D B Taylor, University of Edinburgh (Chapters F01, F02, F03 and F04)
N Temme, CWI, Amsterdam (Chapter S)
G E Thomas, University of Nottingham (Chapter G01)
C P Thompson, AERE Harwell (Chapter D03)
G Tunnicliffe–Wilson, Lancaster University (Chapter G13)
C W Überhuber, Technical University Vienna (Chapter D01)
P F Velleman, Cornell University (Chapters G01 and G10)
J E Walsh, University of Manchester (Chapters D03 and S)
H A Watts, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque (Chapter D02)
A Wächter, Northwestern University (Chapter E04)
P Wesseling, Delft University of Technology (Chapter D03)
J H Wilkinson, National Physical Laboratory (Chapters F01, F02, F03 and F04)
D J Winstanley, University of Kent (Chapter E01)
M A Wong, Yale University (Chapter G03)
M H Wright, National Physical Laboratory and Stanford University (Chapter E04)
I Wynne–Jones, Imperial College of Science and Technology (Chapter C06)