NAG AD Library
E01 (Interp)

E01 (Interp) Chapter Introduction (FL Interface) – A description of the Chapter and an overview of the algorithms available.

Mark of

e01aa_a1w_f 27 nagf_interp_dim1_aitken_a1w
Interpolated values, Aitken's technique, unequally spaced data, one variable
e01ba_a1w_f 26.2 nagf_interp_dim1_spline_a1w
Interpolating functions, cubic spline interpolant, one variable
e01be_a1w_f 26.2 nagf_interp_dim1_monotonic_a1w
Interpolating functions, monotonicity-preserving, piecewise cubic Hermite, one variable
e01bg_a1w_f 26.2 nagf_interp_dim1_monotonic_deriv_a1w
Interpolated values, interpolant computed by e01be_a1w_f, function and first derivative, one variable
e01da_a1w_f 27 nagf_interp_dim2_spline_grid_a1w
Interpolating functions, fitting bicubic spline, data on rectangular grid
e01ea_a1w_f 26.2 nagf_interp_dim2_triangulate_a1w
Triangulation of two-dimensional scattered grid, method of Renka and Cline
e01eb_a1w_f 26.2 nagf_interp_dim2_triang_bary_eval_a1w
Barycentric interpolation on function values provided on a two-dimensional scattered grid