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d02qyc (ivp_​adams_​rootdiag)

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1 Purpose

d02qyc is the function for freeing memory from the structure of type Nag_ODE_Adams. This memory will have been allocated to pointers within this structure during calls to the NAG Library function d02qwc. This allocated memory is used by functions d02qfc and d02qzc.

2 Specification

#include <nag.h>
void  d02qyc (Nag_ODE_Adams *opt)
The function may be called by the names: d02qyc, nag_ode_ivp_adams_rootdiag or nag_ode_ivp_adams_free.

3 Description

The NAG Library functions d02qwc, d02qfc and d02qzc use a structure of type Nag_ODE_Adams to retain and communicate information between calls of these functions. During this process memory is allocated to several pointers within the structure; d02qyc may be used to free this memory when all calls to the functions d02qwc, d02qfc and d02qzc have been completed. A call to d02qyc may also be made prior to re-entering d02qwc with the argument state=Nag_NewStart.

4 References


5 Arguments

1: opt Nag_ODE_Adams * Input/Output
On entry: the structure used in calls to the functions d02qwc, d02qfc and d02qzc.
On exit: all memory allocated to this structure will have been freed and the pointers set to NULL.

6 Error Indicators and Warnings


7 Accuracy

Not applicable.

8 Parallelism and Performance

d02qyc is not threaded in any implementation.

9 Further Comments


10 Example

See Section 10 in d02qfc and d02qzc.