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1 Purpose

a02bac returns a complex number from real and imaginary parts.

2 Specification

#include <nag.h>
Complex  a02bac (double x, double y)
The function may be called by the names: a02bac, nag_complex_create or nag_complex.

3 Description


4 References


5 Arguments

1: x double Input
On entry: real part of complex number.
2: y double Input
On entry: imaginary part of complex number.

6 Error Indicators and Warnings


7 Accuracy

Not applicable.

8 Parallelism and Performance

a02bac is not threaded in any implementation.

9 Further Comments


10 Example

This example illustrates the calls to all the complex functions in Chapter A02.

10.1 Program Text

Program Text (a02bace.c)

10.2 Program Data


10.3 Program Results

Program Results (a02bace.r)