NAG AD Library
F01 (Matop)
Matrix Operations, Including Inversion

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F01 (Matop) Chapter Introduction (FL Interface) – A description of the Chapter and an overview of the algorithms available.

Mark of

f01ec_a1w_f 27.1 nagf_matop_real_gen_matrix_exp_a1w
Real matrix exponential
f01ef_a1w_f 27.1 nagf_matop_real_symm_matrix_fun_a1w
Function of a real symmetric matrix
f01ej_a1w_f 27.1 nagf_matop_real_gen_matrix_log_a1w
Real matrix logarithm
f01fc_a1w_f 27.1 nagf_matop_complex_gen_matrix_exp_a1w
Complex matrix exponential
f01fj_a1w_f 27.1 nagf_matop_complex_gen_matrix_log_a1w
Complex matrix logarithm