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Chapter Introduction
NAG Toolbox

NAG Toolbox: nag_glopt_bnd_mcs_optget_real (e05jl)


    1  Purpose
    2  Syntax
    7  Accuracy
    9  Example


nag_glopt_bnd_mcs_optget_real (e05jl) is used to get the value of a real nag_glopt_bnd_mcs_solve (e05jb) optional parameter. nag_glopt_bnd_mcs_optget_real (e05jl) can be used before or after calling nag_glopt_bnd_mcs_solve (e05jb), but the initialization function nag_glopt_bnd_mcs_init (e05ja) must have been called before calling nag_glopt_bnd_mcs_optget_real (e05jl).


[rvalue, ifail] = e05jl(optstr, comm)
[rvalue, ifail] = nag_glopt_bnd_mcs_optget_real(optstr, comm)


nag_glopt_bnd_mcs_optget_real (e05jl) obtains the current value of a real-valued optional parameter. For example
[loctol, ifail] = e05jl('Local Searches Tolerance', comm);
will result in the value of the optional parameter Local Searches Tolerance being output in loctol.
A complete list of optional parameters, their symbolic names and default values is given in Optional Parameters in nag_glopt_bnd_mcs_solve (e05jb).




Compulsory Input Parameters

1:     optstr – string
A string identifying a real-valued optional parameter (as described in Optional Parameters in nag_glopt_bnd_mcs_solve (e05jb)).
2:     commlcomm – double array
lcomm, the dimension of the array, must satisfy the constraint lcomm100.
Communication data as initialized by nag_glopt_bnd_mcs_init (e05ja).

Optional Input Parameters


Output Parameters

1:     rvalue – double scalar
If ifail=0 on exit, rvalue contains the real value associated with the optional parameter in optstr.
2:     ifail int64int32nag_int scalar
ifail=0 unless the function detects an error (see Error Indicators and Warnings).

Error Indicators and Warnings

Errors or warnings detected by the function:
Constraint: lcomm100.
Initialization function nag_glopt_bnd_mcs_init (e05ja) has not been called.
The supplied optional parameter is invalid. A keyword or keyword combination was not recognized.
An unexpected error has been triggered by this routine. Please contact NAG.
Your licence key may have expired or may not have been installed correctly.
Dynamic memory allocation failed.


Not applicable.

Further Comments



function e05jl_example

fprintf('e05jl example results\n\n');

[comm, ifail] = e05ja;

% List the default values for some options
nf     = e05jk('Function Evaluations Limit', comm);
infbnd = e05jl('Infinite Bound Size',        comm);
lcsrch = e05jj('Local Searches',             comm);
loclim = e05jk('Local Searches Limit',       comm);
loctol = e05jl('Local Searches Tolerance',   comm);
repeat = e05jj('Repeatability',              comm);
smax   = e05jk('Splits Limit',               comm);
stclim = e05jk('Static Limit',               comm);
objerr = e05jl('Target Objective Error',     comm);
objsfg = e05jl('Target Objective Safeguard', comm);
objval = e05jl('Target Objective Value',     comm);

fprintf('Function Evaluations Limit = %10d\n',nf);
fprintf('Infinite Bound Size        = %10.3e\n',infbnd);
fprintf('Local Searches             = %10s\n',lcsrch);
fprintf('Local Searches Limit       = %10d\n',loclim);
fprintf('Local Searches Tolerance   = %10.3e\n',loctol);
fprintf('Repeatability              = %10s\n',repeat);
fprintf('Splits Limit               = %10d\n',smax  );
fprintf('Static Limit               = %10d\n',stclim);
fprintf('Target Objective Error     = %10.3e\n',objerr);
fprintf('Target Objective Safeguard = %10.3e\n',objsfg);
fprintf('Target Objective Value     = %10.3f\n',objval);

e05jl example results

Function Evaluations Limit =          0
Infinite Bound Size        =  1.158e+77
Local Searches             =        ON 
Local Searches Limit       =         50
Local Searches Tolerance   =  2.220e-16
Repeatability              =        OFF
Splits Limit               =          0
Static Limit               =          0
Target Objective Error     =  1.026e-04
Target Objective Safeguard =  1.054e-08
Target Objective Value     =      0.000

PDF version (NAG web site, 64-bit version, 64-bit version)
Chapter Contents
Chapter Introduction
NAG Toolbox

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