NAG Library Manual, Mark 29.3
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NAG CL Interface Introduction
Example description

nag_sparse_real_symm_basic_setup (f11gdc) Example Program Results

Solve a system of linear equations using the conjugate gradient method (CG)

Monitoring at iteration no.   2
residual norm:     1.9938e+00
  Solution vector  Residual vector
      9.6320e-01     -2.2960e-01
      1.9934e+00      2.2254e-01
      3.0583e+00      9.5827e-02
      4.1453e+00     -2.5155e-01
      4.8289e+00     -1.7160e-01
      5.6630e+00      6.7533e-01
      7.1062e+00     -3.4737e-01

Monitoring at iteration no.   4
residual norm:     6.6574e-03
  Solution vector  Residual vector
      9.9940e-01     -1.0551e-03
      2.0011e+00     -2.4675e-03
      3.0008e+00     -1.7116e-05
      3.9996e+00      4.4929e-05
      4.9991e+00      2.1359e-03
      5.9993e+00     -8.7482e-04
      7.0007e+00      6.2045e-05

Final Results
Number of iterations for convergence:         5 
Residual norm:                                2.0428e-14
Right-hand side of termination criterion:     3.9200e-04
1-norm of matrix A:                           1.0000e+01
Largest singular value of A_bar:              1.3596e+00

      Solution      Residual
    1.0000e+00    0.0000e+00
    2.0000e+00    0.0000e+00
    3.0000e+00   -2.6645e-15
    4.0000e+00   -3.5527e-15
    5.0000e+00   -5.3291e-15
    6.0000e+00    1.7764e-15
    7.0000e+00    7.1054e-15