NAG Library Manual, Mark 29.2
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NAG AD Library Introduction
Example description

F11BF_P0W_F C++ Header Example Program Results

 Final Results 
 Number of iterations for convergence:    10
 Residual norm:                           2.17e-09
 Right-hand side of termination criterion:1.19e-08
  Solution vector   Residual vector
    1.00e+00          2.17e-10
    2.00e+00          8.75e-10
    3.00e+00          1.41e-09
    4.00e+00          1.78e-09
    5.00e+00          1.48e-09
    6.00e+00          4.91e-09
    7.00e+00          3.18e-09
    8.00e+00          3.25e-09
    9.00e+00          3.33e-09
    1.00e+01          5.38e-09
    1.10e+01         -1.01e-08
    1.20e+01          8.30e-09
    1.30e+01          5.65e-09
    1.40e+01          2.92e-09
    1.50e+01         -1.06e-08
    1.60e+01          6.83e-09
    1.70e+01          1.90e-09
    1.80e+01          9.84e-10
    1.90e+01          1.04e-09
    2.00e+01          1.84e-09