NAG Library Manual, Mark 29.3
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NAG AD Library Introduction
Example description

 D03RA_A1W_F Example Program Results

 Example 1

 Time =   0.2400
 Total number of accepted timesteps =   77
 Total number of rejected timesteps =    0

             Total  number (rounded) of     
          Residual  Jacobian    Newton   Lin sys
             evals     evals     iters     iters
 At level 
       1       600        80       200       200

             Maximum  number of   
              Newton iters    Lin sys iters 
 At level 
       1             2             3

  Derivatives calculated: First order adjoints
  Computational mode    : algorithmic

 Solution at mid point in level         1 at time   0.2400:

       x          y        approx u                    du/druser(1:4)

  4.7500E-01   5.000E-01   1.564E+00   4.101E-01  -7.938E+00   3.237E+00   7.676E+00