NAG Library Manual, Mark 29.3
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NAG AD Library Introduction
Example description

 nag::ad::g02aa Adjoint Example Program Results

 Nearest Correlation Matrix:

  1.00000e+00 -8.08412e-01  1.91588e-01  1.06775e-01
 -8.08412e-01  1.00000e+00 -6.56233e-01  1.91588e-01
  1.91588e-01 -6.56233e-01  1.00000e+00 -8.08412e-01
  1.06775e-01  1.91588e-01 -8.08412e-01  1.00000e+00

 Derivatives calculated: First order adjoint
 Computational mode    : symbolic

 Sum of Jacobian elements of NCM X w.r.t. input matrix G:
 sum_ij [dX/dG]_ij = 9.50192e-01