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1 Description

This method should resize the vector to the specified size. The method is not required, but if it is not present all Output vectors must be pre-allocated prior to calling the NAG function.
This method may be called in two circumstances:
  1. (a) Prior to calling the algorithmic engine in order to allocate an Output vector.
  2. (b) After the call to the algorithmic engine when the amount of useful data held in the vector is less that its original size, i.e. the Output vector is oversized. This tends to come about if most of the vector is used as workspace and only the first n1 elements contain useful information. If resize is called in this circumstance then the vector should be resized, preserving the contents. There is no requirement to resize in this situation, it is purely for convenience.

2 Specification

void function  resize(ISIZE n1)

3 Arguments

1: n1 ISIZE Scalar
On entry: n, the length of the vector.
The type of n1, ISIZE, can be any type as long as an integer literal or a types::f77_integer can be cast to it.
Constraint: n10