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 class DummyMatrixDataContainer

1 Description

This class does not exist. It is here purely to describe what methods a custom data container, holding a m×n matrix, must implement in order to be used as an argument to functions in the NAG CPP Interface.
An example of a class implementing these methods can be seen in examples/include/nag_my_matrix.hpp.
An example of a generic class for a data container that can be used to hold either a vector, matrix or table, can be seen in examples/include/nag_my_data.hpp.

2 Variables


3 Methods

void function  DummyMatrixDataContainer::resize(ISIZE n1, ISIZE n2)
template <OSIZE>
OSIZE  DummyMatrixDataContainer::size1() const
template <OSIZE>
OSIZE  DummyMatrixDataContainer::size2() const
template <DT>
DT*  DummyMatrixDataContainer::data()
template <DT>
const DT*  DummyMatrixDataContainer::data() const