NAG Library Manual, Mark 28.6
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NAG FL Interface Introduction
Example description

 F01BLF Example Program Results

 Maximum element in A(K) for I.GE.K and J.GE.K

    K    Modulus
    1    9.0000E+00
    2    9.3101E+00
    3    8.7461E+00
    4    5.6832E+00
    5    2.8449E-16

 Rank =     4

 T =  2.9948E-15  (machine dependent)

 Transpose of pseudo-inverse
    1.7807E-02 -2.1565E-02  5.2029E-02  2.3686E-02  7.1957E-03
   -1.1826E-02  4.3417E-02 -8.1265E-02  3.5717E-02 -1.3957E-03
    4.7157E-02  2.9446E-02  1.3926E-02 -1.3808E-02  7.6720E-03
   -5.6636E-02  2.9132E-02  4.7442E-02  3.0478E-02  5.0415E-03
   -3.6741E-03 -1.3781E-02  1.6647E-02  3.5665E-02  3.4857E-03
    3.8408E-02  3.4256E-02  5.7594E-02 -5.7134E-02  7.3123E-03