Introduction to the NAG Library

Guide to the NAG Library Documentation
How to Use the NAG Library
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The NAG Library is a comprehensive collection of routines for the solution of numerical and statistical problems.
The Library consists of a number of generic interfaces:
In addition to the generic interfaces described in this manual, NAG supports interfaces tailored to specific environments and programming languages, including Python, Java, .NET and MATLAB®.
Users new to the NAG Library are strongly advised to read through the Guide to the NAG Library Documentation which gives you details on: how to use the manual, how the manual is structured, specification of arguments, documentation settings and online documentation. You are also strongly advised to read the How to Use the NAG Library document which provides details on: Library identification, the structure of the Library, naming conventions, experimental routines, general advice, programming advice, a description of direct and reverse communication routines, and arithmetic considerations and reproducibility of results.