NAG Library Manual, Mark 28.5
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NAG FL Interface Introduction
Example description
    Program g07gbfe

!     G07GBF Example Program Text

!     Mark 28.5 Release. NAG Copyright 2022.

!     .. Use Statements ..
      Use nag_library, Only: g07gbf, nag_wp
!     .. Implicit None Statement ..
      Implicit None
!     .. Parameters ..
      Integer, Parameter               :: nin = 5, nout = 6
!     .. Local Scalars ..
      Real (Kind=nag_wp)               :: e, lx, ux, var1, var2, x
      Integer                          :: ifail, n
      Logical                          :: outlier
!     .. Executable Statements ..
      Write (nout,*) 'G07GBF Example Program Results'
      Write (nout,*)

!     Skip heading in data file
      Read (nin,*)

d_lp: Do
!       Read in the sample size, variances and value to test
        Read (nin,*,Iostat=ifail) n, e, var1, var2
        If (ifail/=0) Then
          Exit d_lp
        End If

!       Check whether E is a potential outlier
        ifail = 0
        outlier = g07gbf(n,e,var1,var2,x,lx,ux,ifail)

!       Display results
        Write (nout,99999) 'Sample size                              :', n
        Write (nout,99998) 'Largest absolute residual (E)            :', e
        Write (nout,99998) 'Variance for whole sample                :', var1
        Write (nout,99998) 'Variance excluding E                     :', var2
        Write (nout,99998) 'Estimate for cutoff (X)                  :', x
        Write (nout,99998) 'Lower limit for cutoff (LX)              :', lx
        Write (nout,99998) 'Upper limit for cutoff (UX)              :', ux
        If (outlier) Then
          Write (nout,*) 'E is a potential outlier'
          Write (nout,*) 'E does not appear to be an outlier'
        End If
        Write (nout,*)
      End Do d_lp

99999 Format (1X,A,1X,I10)
99998 Format (1X,A,1X,F10.3)
    End Program g07gbfe