NAG Library Manual, Mark 28.5
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NAG FL Interface Introduction
Example description

E01BFF Example Program Data
   9                             N, the number of data points
  7.990  0.00000E+0  0.00000E+0  X(R), F(R), D(R)
  8.090  0.27643E-4  5.52510E-4
  8.190  0.43749E-1  0.33587E+0
  8.700  0.16918E+0  0.34944E+0
  9.200  0.46943E+0  0.59696E+0
  10.00  0.94374E+0  6.03260E-2
  12.00  0.99864E+0  8.98335E-4
  15.00  0.99992E+0  2.93954E-5
  20.00  0.99999E+0  0.00000E+0  End of data points
   11                            M, the number of evaluation points