NAG Library Manual, Mark 28.4
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NAG FL Interface Introduction
Example description

 X02AJF Example Program Results

 (results are machine-dependent)

 The basic parameters of the model

  X02BHF =       2   (the model parameter B)
  X02BJF =      53   (the model parameter P)
  X02BKF =   -1021   (the model parameter EMIN)
  X02BLF =    1024   (the model parameter EMAX)

 Derived parameters of floating-point arithmetic

  X02AJF =  1.110223024625156540E-016   (the machine precision)
  X02AKF =  2.225073858507201383E-308   (the smallest positive model number)
  X02ALF =  1.797693134862315708E+308   (the largest positive model number)
  X02AMF =  2.225073858507201877E-308   (the real safe range parameter)
  X02ANF =  2.225073858507201877E-308   (the complex safe range parameter)

 Parameters of other aspects of the computing environment

  X02AHF =      1.42724769E+045   (largest argument for SIN and COS)
  X02BBF =           2147483647   (largest positive integer)
  X02BEF =                   15   (precision in decimal digits)