NAG Library Manual, Mark 28.4
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NAG FL Interface Introduction
Example description

 G02DFF Example Program Results

 Results from full model
 Residual sum of squares =    0.8407E-01
 Degrees of freedom =    7

 Variable   2 dropped
 Residual sum of squares =    0.2124E+00
 Degrees of freedom =    8

 Parameter estimate   Standard error

      0.3637E+01          0.1508E+00
      0.6126E+00          0.2801E-01
     -0.6015E+00          0.4234E+00
      0.1671E+00          0.7866E-01
 Variable   4 dropped
 Residual sum of squares =    0.3322E+00
 Degrees of freedom =    9

 Parameter estimate   Standard error

      0.3597E+01          0.1765E+00
      0.6209E+00          0.3271E-01
      0.2425E+00          0.1724E+00