NAG Library Manual, Mark 28.4
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NAG FL Interface Introduction
Example description

 D02AGF Example Program Results

 Case 1

 Final parameters
     0.464269E-01    0.349429E-02

 Final solution
 X-value     Components of solution
    0.10   0.1025E+00   0.1734E-01
    3.28   0.1217E+00   0.4180E-02
    6.46   0.1338E+00   0.3576E-02
    9.64   0.1449E+00   0.3418E-02
   12.82   0.1557E+00   0.3414E-02
   16.00   0.1667E+00   0.3494E-02

 Case 2

 Final parameters
     0.323729E+02    0.596317E+04   -0.535231E+00

 Final solution
 X-value     Components of solution
      0.   0.0000E+00   0.5000E+03   0.5000E+00
   1193.   0.5298E+03   0.4516E+03   0.3281E+00
   2385.   0.8076E+03   0.4203E+03   0.1231E+00
   3578.   0.8208E+03   0.4094E+03  -0.1032E+00
   4771.   0.5563E+03   0.4200E+03  -0.3296E+00
   5963.   0.0000E+00   0.4500E+03  -0.5352E+00