Example description

nag_opt_check_deriv2 (e04hdc) Example Program Results

The test point is
   1.4600  -0.8200   0.5700   1.2100
(User-supplied callback funct, first invocation.)
(User-supplied callback h, first invocation.)

2nd derivatives are consistent with 1st derivatives.

At the test point, funct gives the function value,    6.2273e+01
and the 1st derivatives
  -1.285e+01  -1.649e+02   5.384e+01   5.775e+00

h gives the lower triangle of the Hessian matrix
   2.000e+01   2.461e+02
   0.000e+00  -9.220e+01   1.944e+02
  -7.500e+00   0.000e+00  -1.000e+01   1.750e+01