NAG Library Manual, Mark 27.2
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NAG CL Interface Introduction
Example description

nag_mip_ilp_dense (h02bbc) Example Program Results

Solve modified problem - use different tree search.
***Set options.list = Nag_FALSE
***Set options.int_obj_bound =    9.7001000e+01
***Set options.nodsel = Nag_Deep_Search
***Set options.print_level = Nag_NoPrint

***IP objective value =    9.4000000e+01

Illustrate effect of supplying branching directions.

***Set options.branch_dir = Nag_Branch_InitX

***IP objective value =    9.4000000e+01

Obtain solution of root LP problem.

***LP objective value =    9.0812500e+01

Finally, solve a related MIQP problem.
(User-supplied callback qphess, first invocation.)
***MIQP2 objective value =   -3.8125000e+01