NAG Library Manual, Mark 27.2
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NAG CL Interface Introduction
Example description

 nag_mesh_dim2_gen_boundary (d06bac) Example Program Results

 Analysis of the boundary created:
 The boundary mesh contains    332 vertices and    332 edges
 There are      4 components comprising the boundary:
 The  1-st component contains      4 lines in anticlockwise orientation
 The  2-nd component contains     10 lines in     clockwise orientation
 The  3-rd component contains     12 lines in anticlockwise orientation
 The  4-th component contains     19 lines in     clockwise orientation
 Boundary mesh characteristics
 nvb   =   332
 nedge =   332
 Complete mesh characteristics (Delaunay-Voronoi)
   nv (rounded to nearest 10) =   900
 nelt (rounded to nearest 10) =  1480
 Complete mesh characteristics (Advancing Front)
   nv (rounded to nearest 10) =   920
 nelt (rounded to nearest 10) =  1520