NAG Library Manual, Mark 27.2
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NAG AD Library Introduction
Example description

D02PU_A1W_F C++ Header Example Program Results

  Calculation with tol = 1e-06

    t         y1         y2         y3         y4
 0.000      0.300      0.000      0.000      2.380
 9.425     -1.700      0.000     -0.000     -0.420

 Componentwise error assessment
           3.81e-06   7.10e-06   6.92e-06   2.10e-06

 Worst global error observed was 3.435e-05
              it occurred at T = 6.302e+00

 Cost of the integration in evaluations of f is 1361

 Derivatives calculated: First order adjoints
 Computational mode    : algorithmic

 Derivatives: (solution w.r.t. eps)
 dy(t)/deps =  -1.0000e+00