Example description

 E04KDF Example Program Results
 ** The conditions for a minimum have not all been satisfied,
 ** but a lower point could not be found.
 ** ABNORMAL EXIT from NAG Library routine e04kdf: IFAIL =     3
 ** NAG soft failure - control returned

 Function value on exit is       2.4338
 at the point      1.0000     -0.0852      0.4093      1.0000
 The corresponding (machine dependent) gradient is
                           2.953E-01  -5.870E-10   1.176E-09   5.907E+00
 ISTATE contains   -2    1    2   -2
 and HESD contains  0.2098E+03  0.4738E+02  0.4552E+02  0.0000E+00